An itinerary of flavours through the best Aosta Valley cuisine

Sant’Orso restaurant

A big helping of alpine flavours

At the Sant’Orso Restaurant we will delight you from breakfast to dinner, leaving you the freedom to order à la carte, whatever tempts you. We serve only dishes prepared with care and passion, enhanced by the authentic taste of high quality ingredients, reflecting the unique character of the Aosta Valley area. Wine lovers can indulge in the wide range of local labels, just waiting to be tasted. In the panoramic room inside or alfresco on the terrace: take a seat and enjoy...

Raffaele Baldini
Ozein's favò

A typical Aosta Valley dish, over the years it has become the symbol of our hotel, a must at village festivals, but also for wedding banquets. The beans, cooked separately, form the base to which tomato, broth, black bread and ditalini pasta are then added. A decisive touch of flavour is offered by the Fontina and the Aosta Valley sausage. Try it, you'll love it!

Tender veal braised in Torrette with polenta

A main course with a distinctive taste, you can’t say you know the Aosta Valley cuisine if you have not tried it. The starof the recipeis the meat: slow-cooked in a local red wine and will win you over for its tenderness. Whole grain polenta is a side dish, perfect for dipping into the sauce.

Tarte tatin with rennet apples

Originally from France, this apple treat has become the dessert par excellence in Cogne too. The main ingredient is the rennet apples, a mountain variety, unsurpassed for confectionery products. It is usually served with liquid cream on the side, to soak every bite with pure goodness!

Kids Menu… yum!

For every “Mom, I don't like this”, our kid’s menu has the answer. Whether it's the Milanese mignon with fries or a delicious cream and ham pasta, even the littlest foodies will be eager to sit down at the table.

Only seasonal and local ingredients of the highest quality

Our culinary proposal enhances excellent local products, such as the renowned DOP cheeses like Fromadzo and Fontina, 24-month Bosses prosciutto, Lard from Arnad, but also red spotted beef from the Aosta Valley and trout from the nearby hamlet of Lillaz, where the famous waterfalls roar.

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