Turn off the GPS—you have arrived

Summer in the Aosta Valley?

Meditation on a mountaintop

Something rare happened in the Aosta Valley: humans did not take over the landscape; this is still the kingdom of nature. You will notice it every step you take along the splendid panoramic paths that open to different views at every turn: rocky walls and pastures, placid lakes and rushing streams, moraines and cliffs, peat bogs and marshes, larch and conifer woods. The alpine ecosystem is intact. While you cast your gaze over the majestic peaks, the sumptuous blooms of the meadows, the ever-changing sky, the embrace of the forest shadows entices you to meditate.
Summer in the Aosta Valley is simply satisfying, a tonic for your senses.

The Alpine World in Miniature

The Paradisia di Valnontey botanical garden takes its name from the white lily typical of the area.
This miniature ecosystem is home to a great variety of habitats, flowers and plants, a collection of lichens, a rock and mineral exhibition and the butterfly garden. Do not miss this gem.

Discovering the Lillaz waterfalls

Looking for an easy hike just 10 minutes from the village of Lillaz? Take the path that runs alongside the waterfall and let yourself be guided by the roar of the Urtier stream that rolls and bounces against the rocks once, twice, three times… until it takes its 150 m jump into the void.

The enchanting pastures of the Gran Nomenon

Those who described the Garden of Eden were probably inspired by this corner of the world.
The hanging glaciers on the north face of the Grivola, the huts that seem to be from a painting, the flowering pastures of the Nomenon, the slow pace of grazing animals, the fresh arboreal brightness of the woods… An invitation to peace and contemplation.

The "Gran Paradiso" of mountain biking

In the Aosta Valley there is a network of dirt paths that cover over 1000 km of territory. Seven of the most beautiful depart from the Cogne Valley, suitable for everyone. There is the itinerary that crosses Valnontey, Lillaz and the evocative Sylvenoire plateau, right in the heart of the park. For the more trained, there is the tour of the old magnetite mine amid waterfalls and hairpin bends; or the path to the Invergneux pass, winding its way through valleys and waterfalls, woods and bridges. You will be spoiled for choice.