Unique, surprising, wild

Where to sleep in the Gran Paradiso National Park?

Sul limitare dei prati di Sant’Orso

One day is not enough to explore the Gran Paradiso National Park. Where can you sleep?
Between Piedmont and te Aosta Valley there is an area kissed by nature. One of the rare territories, which, due to the fortuitous intertwining of history, has preserved its wilderness intact.
The Gran Paradiso, with its 4061 m peak, is one of these. Entirely on Italian soil, surrounded by a park of 70,000 hectares, it is the cornerstone of five concentric valleys: Valnontey, Valleille, and the valleys of Grauson, Urtier and Gimillan. A geological miracle in which lakes, streams, glaciers, rocks, larch forests, fir trees and meadows find space where the rich alpine fauna wanders free.

The echo of the primordial pulse

In this pristine habitat, the heartbeat of wild nature resounds loud and clear. To grasp it, just stop for a moment and look upwards. Up here, among high altitude meadows and rocky walls, lives the alpine ibex, symbol of the Gran Paradiso National Park.
Armed with binoculars, you can observe the numerous specimens and admire the struggle of the mighty males; with a little luck, chamois, eagles and bearded vultures, very rare vultures reintroduced to these peaks after their near extinction, will not escape your observation. A spotting will make your heart beat faster.

A variety of landscapes that cheer the soul

Due to the incredible differences in height that run between the valleys and the peaks, the landscape in the Gran Paradiso National Park is a source of amazement for its variety. When you meet glaciers and snowfields, high grassland altitude, woods and pastures, lakes, waterfalls and streams, the daily "routine" disappears and leaves room for a new world that cheers the eyes and the soul.