Hotel Sant’Orso tells its story

Once upon a time...

...Back in 1920, Chalet Liconi, which, after experiencing the fury of a violent fire, was reborn with the name of Hotel Sant’Orso. In one hundred years of history, it has experienced the despair of war and the joy of the resurgence of tourism, always maintaining its passion for hospitality. The turning point was 1998, when the Sant’Orso and the Hôtel du Gran Paradis unite as Cogne Vacanze: together, they look forward to many successful chapters while always remembering their roots.

For gentle and sustainable tourism

The green footprint of Sant’Orso

Our Hotel in the Aosta Valley has always been a place for the soul to reconnect with nature.
We love the land we live in and our desire is to show its wonder to our guests in a slow, authentic and sustainable way. We operate with extreme respect for the environment, using renewable resources for heating and electricity. We are proud to be part of Alpine Pearls, an international network of resorts promoting our shared philosophy of sustainable tourism in the Alps.