Italy's most beautiful prairie

The terrace on the grasslands

Have lunch while admiring the Aosta Valley

Dining outdoors is one of the pleasures of the warm season, and enjoying a splendid view of the Sant’Orso lawn towards Gran Paradiso makes every bite even tastier! That’s why we have set up a wooden terrace overlooking the grasslands. This spot has become a real gem where guests can have lunch from 12:30 to 2:00 pm in the summer. With this natural spectacle in front of your eyes, you will feel like you are at the cinema; only instead of popcorn, you can enjoy the delicacies prepared by our chef.

Only seasonal and local ingredients of the highest quality

Our culinary proposal enhances excellent local products, such as the renowned DOP cheeses like Fromadzo and Fontina, 24-month Bosses prosciutto, Lard from Arnad, but also red spotted beef from the Aosta Valley and trout from the nearby hamlet of Lillaz, where the famous waterfalls roar.